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Quasi-Governmental Profile

McDaniel Consulting is _recognized for its _ small business expertise. It has
conducted -business consulting to entrepreneurs through its
quasi-governmental entity clients since 2001. Clients include transportation
departments, _ school districts, housing authorities, workforce agencies, as
well as municipal, state, and federal business centers.

The Texas Department of Transportation, Dallas Housing Authority, Texas
Workforce Commission, Dallas -Independent School District, ICDC Business
Assistance Center, and Dallas Small Business Development Center have
been serviced by us.

Topics include: business funding; start-up business strategies; accounting,
human resources, _strategy, technology, M/WBE _ Certifications, bonding
assistance, tax mitigation, tax resolution, marketing, sales, administration,
business systems, internal policies, contracting, etc for existing businesses.
Here’s an abbreviate listing of our accomplishments and completed projects.

  • Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)

  • McDaniel Consulting offers _business consulting to DBEs as part of the
    TxDOT Technical Assistance Program (TAP). Eligible TxDOT DBE clients
    can take many different training courses for the purposes of becoming
    a more competitive bidder on TxDOT contracts.

    McDaniel Consulting offers eligible TxDOT DBE clients
  • T-3 – Business Management Training

  • T-6 – Communications Skills Training

  • TA-4 – Financial Packages Technical Assistance

  • Eligible TxDOT DBE clients receive up to $10,000 worth of training.
    TxDOT, along with funds made available by the Federal Highway
    Administration, -picks up the bill and makes this service free of
    charge for eligible DBE clients certified in highway construction.

  • Dallas Housing Authority

  • Developed and implemented the “Entrepreneurial Business Development
    Training Program” at Villa Creek to provide an alternative and/or
    supplement to _ regular employment. _Micro _enterprise specific
    topics were: Starting, Operating, Funding, Marketing, Accounting,
    Human Resources, and Tax Strategies.

  • Texas Workforce Commission

  • Developed and implemented the “Self Employment Training Program”
    to show TWC MLK clients low-cost, no-cost ways to start a
    home-based business, receive tax breaks, and hire family to
    further reduce their tax liability.

  • Dallas Independent School District

  • Implemented the entrepreneurial training program for Youth
    Entrepreneurship Program and Financial Literacy Program at
    the Madame C.J. Walker Club of James Madison High School.
    Led separate team to victory in the DISD/City of Dallas
    sponsored “Youth Today, Entrepreneurs Tomorrow Program”.
    McDaniel Consulting has also been an integral part of the
    DISD Vendor Knowledge is Power series designed to
    stimulate growth of M/WBEs and promote business networking.

  • ICDC Business Assistance Center

  • As Business Coach experts, McDaniel Consulting was responsible
    for providing small business counseling to hundreds of LMIs and DBEs.
    The dual goals of -the assignment were to meet the clients’ needs
    while simultaneously assuring that the Center’s objectives outlined
    by the City of Dallas were met too.

  • SBA’s Small Business Development Center - Dallas

  • As a Certified Business _Development _Specialist and Business
    Management Counselor, has consulted with over 600 separate
    businesses since _2001 on every _aspect of operations,
    accounting, human resources, and planning. Recognized
    for outstanding service
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