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Business Plan Services and General Fees
Business plans rates vary based on your length of time in business,
purpose of the business plan, and amount of funding being requested.

  • Small Business Plan $1,950 to $2,500
    The Small Business Plan package is ideal for start-up businesses
    seeking debt capital through the -SBA loan process or other
    financial -institutions and/or equity capital from investors or
    sponsors up to $250,000. Businesses can also use the strategic
    business -plan as a planning -and -management tool.- Generally
    completed within -21 business days

  • Established Business Plan $2,750 to $6,000
    Entrepreneurs seeking an Established Business Plan have usually
    been in business for at least two (2) years and have already
    implemented business -strategies, -experienced success or
    failure, decided to update their business processes to meet
    their changing business environment. They are now seeking
    debt or equity financing in the $500,000 to $5.0 million.
    Generally completed within 30 business days.

  • Well-Established Business Plan and Consulting $8,000 to $15,000
    Well-Established Business Plan clients tend to have been in
    business -for -seven (7) years, -have a -steady -crew and
    management team, -and have already -implemented business
    strategies, experienced success or failure, decided to update
    their business -processes to meet their changing business
    environment and are now seeking debt or equity financing
    from 1.0 million to over $25.0 million.
    __Length of the business plan will be 25 to 40 pages. The Market
    Research file is included as a separate document and is about 30
    to 80 pages. -Over 20 hours will be dedicated to on site business
    consulting. Total project generally completed within 6 weeks.

  • Micro Business Plans up to $1,800
    Micro Business Plan Packages are best suited for entrepreneurs
    seeking less than $100,000 from an investor, local bank, or
    micro-lender. Businesses can also use the strategic business
    plan as a planning and management tool. Generally completed
    within 14 business days

  • International and/or Immigration Business Plans $3,500 to $12,000
    McDaniel Consulting is experienced in presenting business plans that
    meet the approval of the ExIm Bank as well as the Naturalization and
    Immigration Services. Completed business plans are written within
    10 to 21 days.

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