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  SBA-Investor Ready Business Plans

SBA-Investor Ready
__- Business Plans
Business Plans for Grants
Business Plan Questionnaire
Business Plans for Franchises
Business Plan Rates

Business plan customer _locals are in 21+ states. _ Over 200
SBA-Investor Ready Business Plans _ have been developed
to date. More than 33% of clients applying for funding obtain
it. Total funds received by clients exceed $24.5 million.

  • McDaniel Consulting professionally writes SBA-Investor

  • Ready Business Plans to help our clients to:

  • Obtain Working Capital

  • Obtain Debt Funding

  • Obtain Equity Financing

  • Provide to Suppliers

  • Obtain Commercial Office Space

  • Seek Grant Funding if it is a Non-Profit

  • Better Understand Franchising Opportunities

  • We accomplish this by writing _customized strategic business
    plans according your business model, standing in the industry,
    and management style. _You get more than a template based
    plan. Our consultants work with you on a one-on-one basis in
    order to accurately portray your business on paper.
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