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Tax Administration  

Bookkeeping with Excel
The Internal _Revenue Service (IRS) wants taxes on the net profits
of your business. Accurate recordkeeping is imperative to managing
your tax liabilities. -McDaniel Consulting takes the hard work out of
computing your year-end taxes by tracking your business
revenues and expenses with our Tax Administration Consulting
service. _ We use Quickbooks, Excel, or your industry-specific
tax tracking software.

We accept the data in whatever state you the clients present it in.
The -data is -categorized by -proper tax category into a standard
format that your tax -accountant -can use to -complete -and file
your Federal, State, and-/or Municipal -business -taxes. The final
data is provided to you and possibly a copy to your
Tax Accountant.

  • Quickbooks entry is up to $500 per month depending on company size

  • Bookkeeping by Excel is up to $300 per month depending on size

  • One-time set-up fee of $250 to $750 for each client company

  • Be sure to ask about our Year-end Packages – call (214) 349-6564

    The monthly fee includes:
  • Quickbooks or Spreadsheet Set-up

  • Tax Mitigation Consulting

  • Proper Organization of Paperwork

  • Proper Tracking of Industry-specific Revenue Categories

  • Proper Tracking of Industry-specific Expense Categories

  • Applicable - Communications -with your Tax Accountant

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