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Tax Consulting for SMEs


The Internal _Revenue Service (IRS) wants taxes on the net profits of your business. Accurate recordkeeping is imperative to managing your tax liabilities. That's the simple side to tax. Qualified Small Business Stocks, tax incentives for investors, and the consequences of operating a business internationally is the complicated aspects of tax. McDaniel Consulting uses its international and small business tax experience to consult its clients. 

Year-end tax compilation is the simple approach for our SME clients. Tax Mitigation Consulting for an international start-up cryptofund is complex. McDaniel Consulting handles both. 

Small to medium sized business clients only:

  • Applicable - Communications -with your Tax Accountant
  • Quickbooks or Spreadsheet Set-up
  • Tax Mitigation Consulting
  • Proper Organization of Paperwork
  • Proper Tracking of Industry-specific Expense by IRS-recognized Categories
  • Proper Tracking of Industry-specific Revenues by IRS-recognized Categories