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TxDOT DBE Consulting  
  Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)
McDaniel Consulting _offers business consulting to DBEs as part of the
TxDOT Technical Assistance Program (TAP). Eligible TxDOT DBE clients
can take many different training courses for the purposes of becoming
a more competitive bidder on TxDOT contracts.

McDaniel Consulting offers eligible TxDOT DBE clients
  • T-3 – Business Management Training

  • T-6 – Communications Skills Training

  • TA-4 – Financial Packages Technical Assistance

  • Eligible TxDOT DBE clients receive up to $10,000 worth of training.
    TxDOT, along with funds made available by the Federal Highway
    Administration, -picks up the -bill and makes this service free of
    charge for eligible -DBE clients certified in highway construction.

    Criteria for TxDOT DBE Eligibility
  • Operate in Texas

  • Business must have appropriate NAICS Highway Codes

  • Be DBE Certified by: TxDOT; NCTRCA;

  • __SCTRCA; CCRTA; City of Houston; or City of Austin

    TxDOT defines a DBE according to 49 CFR Part 26

    Call McDaniel Consulting with all questions (214)349-6564

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