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McDaniel Consulting has written business plan for potential
franchisees of multiple national franchise systems. Local
franchisees have been serviced as well. The company has
been a keynote speaker on the topic of Business Plans for
the Strasburger Franchise Symposium.

The Business Plan for Franchisees clearly demonstrates in
writing the depth of knowledge that you have concerning
the franchise system, target market, and your fit within
their franchise organization. Our goal is to position you to
be the best Franchisee or Licensee candidate so that you
are selected as well as eventually be able to secure
funding, commercial space, and supplies.

The Elements of the Business Plan for Franchisees include:

  • Executive Summary with Key Franchisor Facts

  • Financial Investment Requirement Statement

  • Market Opportunity Assessment to Justify
    __adding another Franchise

  • Product/Service Descriptions

  • Industry Analysis

  • Marketing Strategy Implementation

  • Management Summary to include Detailed Profile
    __as to why you are a viable Franchisee Candidate

  • Financial Projections

  • Previous Completed Business Plans for Franchisees were: Subway, 7-Eleven, Athlete’s Foot, Hoodz Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System, Mudslingers Drive-Thru Coffee

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